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Asset Management

We provide solutions to optimize the management of fixed assets through our services:

  • Inventory of fixed assets – verification of the physical existence of the assets.
  • Determine inventory differences with respect to accounting records.
  • Evaluation of financial and tax implications of the result of the inventory and determination of differences with respect to accounting records.
  • Advice on updating the book of fixed assets, as established by the Tax Administration.
  • Propose policies, standards and procedures and indicators of fixed asset management.
  • Valuation of fixed assets at market prices. Norms, procedures.
  • Implement fixed asset control systems.
  • Outsourcing of fixed asset management.

Our asset management covers processes such as the design, construction, operation, maintenance and replacement of assets and infrastructure. It also improves performance, reduces costs, extends the useful life, and improves the return on investment of assets.