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Due Diligence

In this global market and of market openings, the service of special exams for the purchase-sale is a need in order to determine the best value for these operations. To this end, our multidisciplinary team is responsible for advising and providing you with a service that integrates the assessment of the situation of financial, accounting, tax, labor, among others, and thereby ensure that the value is most suitable.

Our main purpose to perform a due diligence, is to reduce the risk of the buyer before a transaction of purchase and sale of a business, making an independent and detailed assessment of the business that you want to purchase.

In this sense, we advise our clients through a comprehensive and coordinated assessment service, validating the financial situation, accounting, tax, etc. of their companies or those wishing to purchase in order to ensure that the traded value reflects the overall situation of the company and thus, contributing in the purchase, sale, investment or merger decision making.

A due diligence will help you negotiate, since it is a deep and complete analysis of the whole situation of the company. Some of the aspects that can be identified during its preparation are:

Synergies that can be exploited.
Hidden liabilities, accidental affairs or possible tax contingencies.
Possible environmental or labor contingencies.
Unprofitable business lines