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Our legal services are rendered in comprehensive and personalized manner in order to establish professional, strong and lasting relationships of trust, in which prevail the professional ethic, quality, efficiency and permanent innovation.

The advices we provide are related to the following Law areas:

Corporate Law, Mergers & Acquisitions: We advise on the incorporation of companies, corporate organization and reorganization processes, spin-offs, mergers and acquisitions, transfer of assets, takeovers, among others.

Stock Market, Financing and Financial Regulation: We provide advice on different financial operations, both in national and international practice. We advise issuers, intermediary agents and investors in implementing their major financial transactions.

Tax Law: We render tax advice in mining, hydrocarbons, electricity, concessions, real state, finance, manufacturing and trade sector, among others. We also provide support in tax compliance, review of tax returns, investment projects, due diligence, tax audits. We represent our clients in tax litigation, both in administrative and/or judicial proceedings.

Customs Law: We provide advice on international trade, import and export of goods. We also provide support in customs audits and represent our clients in litigation, both in administrative and/or judicial proceedings. Our advice includes consulting services in the application of anti-dumping measures, safeguards and anti-subsidy mechanisms.

Labor Law: We provide advice in individual and collective labor relations, collective bargaining, labor taxation and audits. We bring support in the planning of hiring policies, advice in hiring and subcontracting of national or foreign personnel. We assist in due diligence and represent our clients in inspection and in litigation, both in administrative and/or judicial proceedings before the labor authority and in court.

Insurance and Reinsurance Law: We provide specialized advice on insurance and reinsurance to insurance and reinsurance companies, insurance brokers, insurance holders and beneficiaries. We have extensive experience in insurance operations, property and life insurance policies, such as credit and surety, liability, car insurance policies, SOAT, transport, engineering, multiple dangers, travel, theft, fire, pecuniary losses, life and deaths, SCTR, medical care, among others.

We advise on the regulatory matters, claims related to losses and other disputes related to insurance and reinsurance matters. We represent our clients in proceedings before the SBS, Ombudsman´s Office and INDECOPI.