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Operational Audit

It is the independent valuation of all the operations of a company, in analytical, objective and systematic manner, to determine whether policies and acceptable procedures are carried out; whether the standards are followed; whether the resources are used efficiently and economically and whether the Organization goals are achieved in order to maximize results that strengthen the development of the company.

During an Operational audit, we formulate and present an opinion on the administrative, managerial and operational aspects, with emphasis on the degree of effectiveness and efficiency with which the material and financial resources have been used by modifying policies, operating controls and corrective action. This audit develops the ability to identify the subsequent operational causes and explains apparent adverse symptoms in the efficient management.

The goal of the Operational Audit is:

Identify areas of cost reduction, improve operating methods and increase profitability and to constructively support the examined needs.
Determine whether the function or activity under review could operate in a more efficient, economical and effective way.
Determine whether the production of the Department complies with given specifications; as a result, various reports, budgets and forecasts as well as financial statements are given.
Determine whether any significant deficiency of policy, procedures and faulty accounting practices were conducted.
Identify whether they met the needs of purchases or expenses, which have been made during the financial year.
Determine the reasonableness of the policy and rules that occur in the company.
Review the financing of purchases to determine if they affect the amount, quality and the kinds of purchases in case they had been made.
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