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Tax Audit

Our service includes revision a tax, given the application of procedures and techniques similar to those used by the audit of the tax administration, in order to determine the potential tax contingencies that could arise for the periods subject to review pursuant to regulations and applicable tax devices.

In addition, a complete review in regards to declarations submitted (historical) and for filing, to issue reports of contingencies committed or to be committed and later diagnose possible contingencies and rectifications.

Finally, a report is issued, which consists in exposing the observations with tax responsibilities and thus avoid future possible tax contingencies they could have.

The development of this service includes interviews with the various areas, review of physical documentation, assessment of accounting and tax treatment, crossings of information operations to determine later your company’s tax structure in order to remedy omissions or violations that may arise, so that they can later be eligible to tributary benefits, such as the regime of incentives and/or gradualism with the implementation of reductions.

Our service objective is to detect violations that the tax administration could detect, and does not cause any fiscal damage.