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Tax compliance

Our tax compliance service is intended to review – from the perspective of the tax rule in the country – the compliance of tax obligations from the formal and substantive point of view, identifying opportunities for tax benefits allowed by our tax legal system.

Tax compliance service includes the review, analysis and strategic planning with the different alternatives that allow to take one burden no greater to taxpayers, through a review of physical and virtual tax information, affidavit, accounting information with tax purposes, detecting contingencies rather than the tax administration will surprise our clients, being that all applicable tax criteria have been considered.

Our work is performed in accordance with the international accounting standards – NICs, international standards of financial reporting – IFRSs, and based on the country’s current tax and labor standards in the National Superintendence of tax administration – SUNAT.

Our work also contains the following scopes:

Initial phase

Surveying of historical information in the accounting system.
Understanding the business.
Description of the current accounting situation of the company.
Obtaining company accounting procedures related to bookkeeping.
Definition and design of local financial reports in local currency and in Spanish.
Parameterization of the local chart of accounts in its own accounting system.
Familiarization of the accounting information to load into the accounting system.
Establishment of a monthly schedule of work.
Recurring service

Keeping the General Accounting Plan based on company policies and Peruvian legislation.
Validating the registration of the documentation supporting the company’s operations.
Quality control in the preparation and processing of entries.
Validating the preparation and presentation of the imposed temporary to the active NET-ITAN.
Validating the preparation and submission of annual statement of operations with third parties – ASOT
Validating the printing of official accounting books in accordance with the Peruvian legislation:

a) registration of sales and income
b) registration of purchases and disbursements
c) Bank and cash book
d) Journal
e) General Ledger
f) Balances and inventories book (annual)
g) Registration of fixed assets (annual)

Validating bank reconciliations.
Validating EBS electronic books submission to SUNAT.
Validating the calculation and preparation of forms related to the General tax sales (IGV) and preparation of the payment of the third category income tax:

a) presentation of the PDT 621 (tax/income)
b) presentation of the PDT 617 (other deductions)

Attention to the audits of SUNAT.
Annual closing

Annual validation of the financial statements (unaudited) according to local standards and based on the information provided by the company only through the ledger. These financial statements will be approved by the company.
Validation of the annual issue of the accounting records at December 31.
Validation of the calculation of the annual affidavit of income tax of third category and presentation of the aforementioned statement to tax authorities (SUNAT), prior approval by the company’s management, based on the inspection by their tax advisors external and/or internal.
Monitoring the issuance of certificates of withholding tax to third parties.
Supervision in the official accounting books printing, in order not to exceed 3 months.