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Transaction Advice

Value Offer: All Purchase or Sale process requires planning, preparation of the process, and it is essential to conduct an examination of the companies for their verification and identification of risks and contingencies.


  • Due Diligence Financial, accounting, tax and labor. Due Diligence purchase.
  • Due diligence to prepare offer, due diligence confirmatory and post deal due diligence
  • Vendor Due Diligence and preparation for the sales process.
  • Limited revisions.
  • Assistance in Price Negotiations and in preparation of SPA (Sales Purchase Agreement).
  • Assistance in Carve Out (business separation or business lines)
  • Organization and Administration of Data Rooms.
  • Advice on Price Adjustments and Assistance in arbitrations.
  • Study of markets and income to countries.
  • Strategic Planning and preparation for a transaction
  • Tax structuring assistance for a transaction.

Addressed to:

  • Buyers and / or Sellers
  • Companies, entrepreneurs, partners
  • Investment Funds
  • Institutional investors