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Valuation and Financial Modeling

Value Offer: If the client is about to make a transaction or he had contact with potential stakeholders, is evaluating a business, or structuring debt, having an independent valuation of your business, as well as a financial model, will give you a point of game with more information and more solid to start negotiating.


  • Business Valuation
  • Appraisals
  • Intangibles Assessment
  • Valuations for Inheritance and Inheritance
  • IFRS impairment tests
  • Project Evaluation
  • Review and construction of Financial Models

Addressed to:

  • M&A but does not know how much to sell
  • M&A search for partners
  • Corporate Restructuring / Reorganization for business, financial or tax purposes
  • Inheritance of Inheritance (Assets or Companies)
  • Legal or Regulatory Obligation Local or international
  • IFRS / USGAAP requirements
  • Support to banks that need to validate a financial model
  • Support to infrastructure companies that need to build a model or validate it